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Mount Prospect Car Show

Posted on 08/10/2016 by jlgrnbrg

Thunderbird take-over of Mt. Prospect Cruise Night

We began gathering shortly after 4:00 Saturday, July 30, in a parking lot north of the Metra lot in Mt. Prospect.  Ken Smizinski had reserved parking spaces for the TBirds in the lot with orange cones and water bottles.  At 5:00 the lot opened and it was a scramble to park together as the lot was filling up fast.  When all were lined up, 21 little TBirds parked in a row

Two new members joined the Club at this outing:  Trevlin Utz and Melissa drove a Peacock Blue 1956 with the top off and Tom and Donna Mazzola, not driving their TBird this day.  Members driving classic TBirds included Dan Anderson, Lee and Gina Bakakos, Rich Blanchard, Gordon Gluff with Mary Ziemba, Joel Greenberg, Art Hahl, Len and Mary Keil, Larry and Karen Kelly, Ed Levin and Rose Kovalenko with grandson, Jerry and Doreen Michna, Jerry and Pat Peterson, Dan and Melinda Pritchett, Lloyd and Joan Schellin, Ken Smizinski, Len Vinyard, Bob and Sue Wenderski, Bill and Liz Werth, your scribe, and Tom Wolfe.  Rich Blanchard drove a Gunmetal Gray 1957 which he just got running and wheel covers on after being owned by Tom Han for many years.  Pete Kramer drove his Cashmere 2005 retro Bird.  Bill and Jane Balogh came in a 1946 Ford custom and Bob and Barb Sroka in a 1964 Galaxie XL.

Music was provided by a rock band, Peabody and the Waybacks.  As we walked down the assemblage of cars and trucks we came upon a birthday celebration for Gilbert Wittmann who was having his 93rd.  Cake was being offered to all who walked by.  Rich (no last name given) drove by in a 1957 Thunderbird fiberglass replica with two large dogs, a St. Bernard and a St. Bernard/Mastiff mix. The club provided ample pizzas, including veggie pizza, bottled water, and soft drinks. After the food line ended, Joel walked by the seated group, offering more pizza!

With darkness approaching, we drove slowly west through the crowd, looking forward to the picnic the following week.

Jim Wilson


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